Monday, 16 September 2013

Apivita Express Beauty Masks

Before I begin raving about these masks, I would just like to apologise for the serious lack of posts on Beautiful Notions of late. I have just started Uni and things have been a bit crazy and I have just not had time to sit down and write let alone film! Hopefully, I'll be back on track soon and I may do a video on my Uni experience so far - if you would like to see it? Now on to these little sachets of wonderfulness!

I had heard of Apivita but I knew very little about it apart from the fact it was a Greek skincare brand that was rather well known for its face masks. Whilst wondering through Marks and Spencer, contemplating my lunch purchase (the sushi always wins!), I stumbled across their fairly new beauty section. With brands such as Nuxe, Jurlique and Leighton Denny, I was pretty impressed with this Space NK/French Pharmacy hybrid but it was the Apivita counter that stole the show. 

I picked up - rather feverishly - two of their masks: Express Beauty with Grape and Express Beauty with Aloe and they are both rather lovely.

First, Express Beauty with Grape. Containing Vitamins A and E, it claims that it firms the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles whilst revitalising the skin. Being under 20, I am possibly not the best guinea pig for this mask but it did make my skin feel amazing after one use. My skin felt brighter and slightly firmer without feeling at all tight. I do think it would be a great mask for older skin or for an instant facelift fix!

Now on to Express Beauty with Aloe. My personal favourite of the two but this could be purely to do with the fact that it much more suited to my skin type. Dry. So, so dry! As soon as I applied this onto my skin, it instantly felt soothing due to the aloe and with the addition of rose water to maintain moisture, this mask really delivered! I used this as an overnight mask and my skin felt so soft and nourished in the morning but you could just use it for roughly ten minutes. 

Both these masks are really excellent and I would highly recommend that you give them a go. They are great for travelling due to the sachet size or if you just want to try them out before purchasing the full size ... which I will be doing very soon!

Check Apivita out here!

Kathleen x

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