Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Week #1

I've decided to start posting weekly photos of what I have been up to recently, I say weekly but quite often I am doing very little so it may be sometimes less frequent depending on the Scottish weather and how many items of makeup I want to review!

Last week was super busy, involving going home to look after my dog whilst my parents went to Ireland - I am actually obsessed with my dog, hence the stalker-esque photo below. Back in Edinburgh I enjoyed two lovely meals at 56 North, a steak sandwich and a chicken satay flatbread, I would seriously recommend this place if you live/are visiting Edinburgh! These meals were surrounded by several cocktails at Vodka Revolution Bar which is one of my favourite places for cocktails in Edinburgh - the selection is amazing and there are many branches around the UK. Last and by no means least is a little visit to a graveyard which inspired JK Rowling to create some of her very famous characters. I am standing next to Thomas Riddle and I am clearly far too excited by this prospect! 

I am obviously still a tourist in the city that I live in ... and evidently a major Harry Potter fan. Who knew?

Kathleen x

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