Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Only Hairbrushes You'll Ever Need

When it comes to hair, I am fairly fuss free. The quicker and least painful option is always preferred, most days I just give it a quick brush through and run out the door ... or spend more time on my makeup. Priorities. Recently, I have finally narrowed it down to two hairbrushes that, for me, are completely necessary in my sparse hair-tool collection. 

The first 'tool', lets just accept that they are hairbrushes and move on, is the infamous Tangle Teezer. The epitome of pain-free, post-shower moments, the elation of no teary eyes and fewer split ends are all down to this, what can only be called, a miracle. Its flexible plastic bristles glide through wet and dry hair making early mornings a breeze and even backcombing less of a chore. It is a must have in anyones collection who is in the possession of disobedient locks. 

The second number in this ode to hairbrushes, comes in the form of the rather snazzy GHD Paddle Brush. Now it may seem a bit OTT and could intimidate any a Denmen brush, but it is so worth it. The quality of this brush is incredible and the almost NARS-like packaging makes it even more gorgeous. Yes, it may be a bit pretentious but it will last for years and that's a girls justification for any purchase - is it not? 

I never knew I could be such a hairbrush enthusiast, Tangle Teezer and GDH Paddle Brush both available from feelunique. 

Kathleen x

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